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when you lose.

While the world watched and tweeted about the Super Bowl the Edder and I huddled up with Milo in shock and grief. Moments after arriving at a Super Bowl party, ready for fun and festivities, I got that phone call no one EVER wants to get. Someone you care about, someone who has been incredibly … Continue reading

seriously. seriously? seriously!

A bag of chuckles… that’s what I would use to describe my year so far. I mean that both sarcastically and honestly. Pretty sure I got another round of sickies on Friday. I’m not sure what that one was, and I’m still feeling far from stellar. All I know is that there were things that … Continue reading

tyler florence is my new bffl.

He doesn’t know that, obviously. But he is. I promise. BFFL (best friend for life–yes i’m 12). Here’s the thing. I love to cook. I usually have the luxury on weeknight evenings of being able to make almost any dinner I want. I ask the Edder what he’s in the mood for and go from … Continue reading