Posted in October 2012

tyler florence is my new bffl.

He doesn’t know that, obviously. But he is. I promise. BFFL (best friend for life–yes i’m 12). Here’s the thing. I love to cook. I usually have the luxury on weeknight evenings of being able to make almost any dinner I want. I ask the Edder what he’s in the mood for and go from … Continue reading

annual campy towns.

annual campy towns.

Every fall we go to Fall River (which is also a lake) for some good old fashioned camping fun with some good friends. And fun it is. There is delicious foodings, fun gamings, warm firings, and the pure joy of sleeping in a tent outdoors. Milo is beside himself with joy whenever we go camping, … Continue reading

102212 / run notes. one chick marathon.

Here’s the thing. I want to do another marathon before I am cut open by my Reproductive Endocrinologist and start putting my body through some serious stuff. But, I don’t want the hype, the stress, the blahblahblahblahblah that goes along with running a marathon. There are no marathons in my town between now and February … Continue reading

101512 / run notes

101512 / run notes

Well… I ran the Prairie Fire Half, and while it didn’t turn out a PR for me, the finish time I managed isn’t anything to be ashamed of (for me, anyway). Based on my lack of endurance training runs I knew it would be a battle to push through those last four miles at an … Continue reading

10112 / run notes

Hmmm, it’s been awhile since I have written about my workouts. I have kept up with aerobics and last week marked week six of my experiment with trying weights classes. I am happy to report the six week aerobics experiment has paid off. It worked, and is working. I didn’t change my diet much at … Continue reading

insight. part two.

Or as I like to call it: Grieving my Loss and How Not to Be an Asshat to an Infertile Girl. In my searches to find women who share the same issues as me, I realized something else I never quite understood about my infertility. Along with the shame, there is grief. You can liken … Continue reading

insight. part one.

Or as I call it: The Shame and Fear from Having a Useless Uterus As mentioned I had a horrendous week in regard to my mental health a few weeks back. One thing that bubbled up during that experience was the fact that while I THOUGHT I had been dealing just fine with my infertility … Continue reading

here. uninspired, but here.

The past few weeks have found me slightly uninspired in regard to writing. As in, anything that comes into my mind to write just doesn’t seem RIGHT. I don’t like the writing thoughts I’ve had, I am not impressed with them. A bit. However, my inspiration in other areas is flowing like crazy. In both … Continue reading