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ivf cycle 1. today’s theme, needles.

Written August 25: I had an appointment at 9:15 with Dr. Wilcox this morning. Today was another ultrasound and more bloodwork. Sadly, we are down to four follicles because the left ovary just isn’t doing very well (my left ovary is where my cyst is). There are still two follicles over there but they are … Continue reading

ivf cycle 1. best part of my day.

ivf cycle 1. best part of my day.

Written August 23: I woke up at 5:30a SoCal time since my body clock was still on Kansas time (two hours ahead of SoCal) and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I decided to go get some coffee and while waiting I decided why not just drive to Malibu and hang out on the beach … Continue reading

ivf cycle 1. gulp, here we go!

Written August 15, 2014: Oh boy. After sorting out my cycle calendar, ordering my meds and multiple calls to my IVF coordinator we are officially rolling on IVF cycle one. I received my cycle calendar and printed it off to pour over. I started crying. The sheer amount of shots I have to do every … Continue reading

the city of angels.

Here it is, the beginning of the next phase. I had my first IVF cycle in August/September. This post was written in July after we finalized our decision to move on to IVF. _________________________ Obviously IUI didn’t work for us. It will likely never work for us. We knew this by April of this year. … Continue reading

iui no. 4. merle is pissed.

I’m going to go ahead and attempt to finish up posting about IUI. Really just to humor myself . But up next, stories of IVF! So below is another post I wrote during my IUI injectables cycle in the spring. ______________________________________________________________ I went in for another follicle scan to see if my body was ready … Continue reading

all the things.

My poor, sad, abandoned ‘blog’. I don’t even know that I can call it a blog anymore. It’s just kind of this space where I sometimes come and promise to explain all the things and tell the things and say all the things. And then I don’t. I will re-name this space the place of … Continue reading

IUI no. 3. gigantor.

Here we go, on to IUI no. 3. Written in the past, February to be exact. —————————————————————————————— Here we go! IUI cycle no. 3 is well under way. My Clomid dosage has been increased to 100 (two pills a day) and that’s that. Day 10 was my first scan for this IUI cycle and oh … Continue reading

IUI no. 2. that didn’t go well.

There’s not a ton to say about it. The numbers weren’t good, the procedure was awful and painful… that about covers it! It took one hour, two nurses and a TON of prodding to get things to go where they needed to go in my body. Thanks to the fact that my internal girl parts … Continue reading

iui no. 2. release the hounds!

We went in for a follicle scan ultrasound on cycle day 12. The nurse found my left ovary first, which is the elusive hard to find one, and saw one big fat follicle, sized 20. That was it. Just the one. But it was healthy! She moved on to my uterus and saw that the … Continue reading