Posted in May 2014

adventures. germany.

adventures. germany.

After three flights, 17 hours and a few times zones we landed in Stuttgart Germany the morning after we left the U.S. Our European vacation was started there. Part of our motivation in going to Germany was to visit our good friend Lila from our college days who lives there. Plus, Germany is home to … Continue reading

run notes. 051914.

I’m signed up for and feel kinda ready to run my summer half marathon, Hospital Hill. The Kansas summer has begun, which means lots of wind and lots and lots of humidity. It’s gross running weather but I’ve been keeping at it nonetheless, thanks in part to my girlfriends willing to sludge through the summer … Continue reading

IUI no. 3. gigantor.

Here we go, on to IUI no. 3. Written in the past, February to be exact. —————————————————————————————— Here we go! IUI cycle no. 3 is well under way. My Clomid dosage has been increased to 100 (two pills a day) and that’s that. Day 10 was my first scan for this IUI cycle and oh … Continue reading

IUI no. 2. the wait, hulk smash, the result.

This was written way back in the middle of winter. I suck at posting old blatherings, but I’ve needed the time. Moving on to the finish of cycle 2 and the results. ——————————————————————————————————— Things got a little ugly on day five. Mostly due to the frustration of being cooped up working from home for the … Continue reading