I’m just a Kansas girl, living the dream. I’m 33, married to “the edder,” have two older sisters, one dog (milo), two cats (fred and frank), work in radio as a Digital Content Director/Graphic Designer, teach at Wichita State University as an adjunct instructor, have an M.S. in Communications, studied spanish in Puebla, Mexico, have a B.A. in Electronic Media and was home schooled until college. Those are the basics, pretty much sums up my resume. But here’s the good stuff

I Love: my family, my friends, my animals, music, modern art, letting my creativity loose, running, yoga, picnics, traveling, camping, water and snow skiing, fiddling about with pictures, finding beauty in just about anything, laughing, good wine, good coffee and even better beer.

The life I write about and live isn’t exciting, and I don’t think it’s noteworthy for any other reason than I love to write, share pictures and put my thoughts out there to be loved or judged by strangers, family and friends.

Feel free to drop me a line if you want: bekarobinson (at) gmail dot com.


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