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ivf cycle 1. here we go.

Written August 22: I’m leaving for LA in a few hours. I’ve had three nights of my injections so far, last nights injections were much, much, much better. Still not the most fun ever, but we are figuring out how to make them bearable. ICE PACKS. They make all the difference before and after. Edder … Continue reading

ivf cycle 1. shots.

Written August 19: I lied, I’m posting before I’m in LA or have even left for LA. Mostly because last night was the first night of shots and it was… wow. I’m fairly certain I will now have PTSD regarding shots the rest of my life. Per typical Robinson style, the first night of shots … Continue reading

iui no. 4. injectables.

I started my injectables cycle ready to go and to make this happen. So far it has been going tremendously. Injectables are when you turn everything up a notch, we are turning it up to an eleven over here, people. *my RX haul!* It hasn’t been nearly as terrible as I assumed it would be. … Continue reading