tyler florence is my new bffl.

He doesn’t know that, obviously. But he is. I promise. BFFL (best friend for life–yes i’m 12). Here’s the thing. I love to cook. I usually have the luxury on weeknight evenings of being able to make almost any dinner I want. I ask the Edder what he’s in the mood for and go from there. That is pretty much my weeknight evening: pick up the house, make delicious homemade dinner, clean the kitchen, hang out, go to bed. It’s a super exciting life. Don’t be jealous.

Please note: I chose this way of life on purpose. For this season I am in right now this is what I need. For my mental health this is the best choice I could possibly make. As I continue to heal and grow and learn, I have to give myself grace and room to just be. Low-key, zero pressure, low stress, no obligations. Aside from taking care of the Edder and my household, occasional dinners/fun activities with family/friends on weeknights, I have virtually no commitments right now. Again, by choice. I am incredibly happy with this set-up for now. And I know it won’t last forever. So I am enjoying it. Because I can. And because this is what I WANT.

Moving on. TF and my BFFL. So. Tyler Florence, the man who makes food magic. I am not quite to the point of obsession, but when I have a recipe in mind for dinner, typically the recipe I land on ends up being a Tyler Florence version. His recipes require a bit more work, but are always worth it. Especially if you love food!

Last night I made his Spicy Chicken Curry (it’s a thai red curry)… and OH MY was it a party in my mouth! Edder was blown away and he is hard to impress with a curry. Dude likes his Thai food. A LOT. So thank you TF, you win! You and your food magic. I have a fat heart for your food, TF.

Last week it was some Tyler Florence Red Texas Chili. And before that his insanely amazing lasagna. I am simply here to say that while it takes more effort, I love spending my weeknight evenings cooking a good dinner. Standing in the kitchen, listening to my music of choice, sometimes sipping on wine, just cooking away while my household full of boys piddle about around me (household full of boys means the edder, milo and our two boy cats fred and frank). For me (a quiet, gentle, sensitive introvert) it is cozy and happy weeknight magic come to life. Food and all.

Someday when my life is a hectic mess again, with babies running around making me crazy, a husband who works insane hours, commitments to volunteer, make artwork, bible studies, workouts and running, family obligations… I will look back on these quiet seasons of my life and smile. And likely not trade what I have then for what I have now. But for now, I am loving this time in my life. I’m cherishing this for what it is.


8 thoughts on “tyler florence is my new bffl.

  1. You know Tyler is from my hometown of Greenville SC? We’re practically friends.

    also, I have to assume from your side note that someone has recently been pressuring you to have kids? You’re right, put that crap off as long as possible. unless there’s something else you’d care to share.

    • i like that you and tyler are also BFFLs 😉

      i guess i should have written all of that more clearly. i have no pressure to have babies from those close around me. it’s more of me claiming that i enjoy my quiet and lame life. haha. making disclaimers i suppose…. that my boring life is how i like it right now!

  2. I am so glad that you decided to continue with your blog. A light bulb went off when I read about you wanting to do a Marathon with out all the hype. Have you thought about mapping out a marathon in your home community? This would be a great way to keep your readers in the loop if you share your journey. If there is a need in your area (Someone who needs surgery, an educational need etc., you could gain sponsorship by using your time completion for the marathon. Example 2.5 hours @ .50 cents a mile, 2.32 @ .75 cents a mile, and so on. This might create some news worthy hype, but not like the Boston Marathon etc. Good luck with your adventure and continue running. My spirit is with you.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I did notice that you are also from Wichita. Didn’t know you were a K-Stater. At one time, I was also a runner. Can’t wait to hear how your marathon goes.

    • indeed i am, k-state alum. 2005 (that was from grad school though). it’s good to know there are other people in this town going through what we are going through. i feel like almost everyone i know here get’s pregnant if they look at their husband! 🙂

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