Affectionately known as “Team Baby Robinson.” You can follow our journey as we try to make our family whole. A journey we have been quietly and privately taking for years. To our hopefulness, and through our Reproductive Endocrinologist, we discovered why our efforts haven’t paid off.

I have had surgery to fix my jacked up uterus and clean up a cyst and some endometriosis. While my insides were much better than expected, getting pregnant is still proving challenging. We are currently working through medicated IUI’s mixed with breaks in between to save our sanity. A girl can only handle so many internal sonograms every month before reaching her limit. Just trust me on this one.

So it’s GAME ON, people. We are working on this. It is happening. Brace yourselves, because baby robs is coming. I just know it! It’s just a matter of when.

I can honestly say I never thought I would blog about my infertility and journey to have a baby. I almost want to punch myself in the face for it. But the thing is, I think it will be therapeutic. Some days are incredibly tough, others are filled with so much hope and joy I want to burst. I want to write about this part of my life, among other things obviously.

Like I said though, game on.

All posts TBR.
first cycle of IUI:
the wait, day seven. i win at fake pregnancy.
the wait. day six.
the wait. day three.
the big day. IUI no. 1.
the shot not heard around the world.
the excitement and curiosity.
my (NOT) a mother’s day present.

a soft place to land.

surgery and diagnosis:
that time i had my balloon taken away.
that time i had surgery, then tried to re-roof my house. part 2.
that time i had surgery, then tried to re-roof my house. part 1.
pills are gooooooooood.
how cuterus is my uterus. let the adventure begin.

amping it up:
insight. part two.
insight. part one.
one step closer.
number one goal.


2 thoughts on “TBR

  1. Been thinking of you. Just wanted to drop in and ask (since I can’t PM or email you) how are you doing? Wishing you happy baby thoughts and hoping you are doing well. I’m still routing for TBR:)

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