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the city of angels.

Here it is, the beginning of the next phase. I had my first IVF cycle in August/September. This post was written in July after we finalized our decision to move on to IVF. _________________________ Obviously IUI didn’t work for us. It will likely never work for us. We knew this by April of this year. … Continue reading

IUI no. 4. nope.

And here it is, the end of the IUI road. Last post from the spring backup posts. ____________________________________ Nope. No dice on this one. My heart hurts. I’m tired. And now we need to decide what to do. I’m dreading this decision, probably because I know what it means. That’s all I’ve got.

iui no. 4. the wait day 9. insanity.

Per usual, a post written quite awhile ago, during IUI no. 4. Just a peek into the insanity that was me during that time. It makes me laugh yet also makes me cringe remembering how difficult it all was and is. Knowing I’m heading right back into this territory in a few weeks makes me … Continue reading

iui no. 4. queen of breaking catheters!

The post about the actual IUI procedure from the spring. Good stuff. _____________________________________________________________________ Well… oy. IUI no. 4 fell on a Sunday. It also fell in line with the day for IVF transfers and the clinic was really busy and running behind. My nerves were a little raw before we even got in there for … Continue reading

iui no. 4. merle is pissed.

I’m going to go ahead and attempt to finish up posting about IUI. Really just to humor myself . But up next, stories of IVF! So below is another post I wrote during my IUI injectables cycle in the spring. ______________________________________________________________ I went in for another follicle scan to see if my body was ready … Continue reading

iui no. 4. injectables.

I started my injectables cycle ready to go and to make this happen. So far it has been going tremendously. Injectables are when you turn everything up a notch, we are turning it up to an eleven over here, people. *my RX haul!* It hasn’t been nearly as terrible as I assumed it would be. … Continue reading

iui no. 3. c’est bon c’est bon c’est bon.

This was written in late March and reading it makes me tear up a little, again so glad I kept a journal of this… how easily the hopeful heart forgets the heartache. ______________________________________________________ IUI no. 3 was a bust. This one hit me hard. Really hard. Harder than the previous two. I had a hunch … Continue reading

IUI no. 3. the wait, day 8.

The below post (under the line) was written in early March. I haven’t looked at it since then and re-reading it before posting it reminded me just how much I’ve been through with this. It makes me so incredibly grateful that I am choosing to write about my journey with infertility publicly. Not hiding my … Continue reading