Posted in April 2013

belly buttons are terrifying.

At least to me they are. I have a severe aversion to them. You think I’m kidding? Ask my sisters, or parents or the Edder. One of my sister’s suffers from the same affliction, belly button fear. It’s a real thing. I can’t stand the thought of someone or something touching or getting near my … Continue reading

best part of my day. stomp.

I love days like today at my job. The cast of STOMP just happened to stop by (they are in town for the run of their show) and put on an impromptu performance just for us. It was pretty awesome. One guy even broke one of the vases he was using, that just means he … Continue reading

040113 / run notes.

First off I need to give a big fat shout out to the Wichita State Shockers for making the nation ‘Fear the Wheat’. And for showing they are legit, not some fluke team. So proud to be a Shocker, those boys and our coach are pure class when it comes to conducting themselves in the … Continue reading