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ivf cycle 1. six eggs.

ivf cycle 1. six eggs.

 Written August 23: *airspace* After getting in to LAX and spending an hour on the 405 driving to my sister and brother in law’s house I was greeted by my fluffy blonde haired three year old niece who was so excited to see me. Except when she opened the door for me the first thing … Continue reading

ivf cycle 1. here we go.

Written August 22: I’m leaving for LA in a few hours. I’ve had three nights of my injections so far, last nights injections were much, much, much better. Still not the most fun ever, but we are figuring out how to make them bearable. ICE PACKS. They make all the difference before and after. Edder … Continue reading

ivf cycle 1. it’s official now!

Written August 16: I’m heading to LA on Friday! And stimming begins tonight. AUGH! I am a bit terrified by the fact we have to mix several of the injections ourselves, but we will get through it. For now, my one-way ticket has been secured and the rental car reserved. I am ready to blow … Continue reading

the city of angels.

Here it is, the beginning of the next phase. I had my first IVF cycle in August/September. This post was written in July after we finalized our decision to move on to IVF. _________________________ Obviously IUI didn’t work for us. It will likely never work for us. We knew this by April of this year. … Continue reading