Posted in May 2013

the big day. IUI no. 1.

The morning of the IUI finally arrived. I slept a little restlessly, all amped up and excited to do this procedure for the first time. I was also doing a lot of quiet focusing. To make sure I stayed relaxed so we didn’t have another internal ultrasound debacle on our hands, like I had earlier … Continue reading

to my amusement.

So. I am running a half marathon on Saturday. Yeah. That one I signed up for months ago, full of half-hearted ambition and zero drive to train for? Yeah. That one. My girlfriends and I (the running lea and the running sri lankan), who are running the race together got a good chortle this morning… … Continue reading

the shot not heard around the world.

Trigger shot time!!! It finally arrived, trigger shot day. The day I entrusted the Edder to stick me with a shot full of HCG hormone! The day we RELEASE THE EGGS! Thankfully all went well. (just to clarify, this shot puts the pregnancy hormone in my body, telling my ovaries to let go of all … Continue reading

best part of my day. ICT4OKC.

There are days… many, many, many days… when I sit at my job in radio, fannying about with our stations websites, creating ads for digital sales, doing all of the other things I do everyday, thinking I make absolutely zero difference in the world through my career. I mean, not a BIG difference, not like … Continue reading

the excitement and curiosity.

Here we go kids, this is the start of the blahhhrrgee posts I started writing at the beginning of my first IUI cycle. Enjoy the hormonal ride, more posts to come! —————————————————————– Yeah I’m doing one of those annoying “I wrote this during what was going on but posting it after the fact” things. But … Continue reading

my (NOT A) mother’s day present.

Here’s the thing. I had a horrible day last Friday. You name it, it went wrong. I was frustrated, edgy, wanted to stab some people in the eyeballs, wanted to cry… you get the picture (yeah… helllooooooo hormones, i know). At some point on Friday I was all… well shiz. Mother’s Day is Sunday. I … Continue reading

050613 / run notes.

Good news, I am feeling excited and confident in my running lately. I had a great week of running last week, maybe it’s the sun, or feeling calmer inside than I have in months, but I am loving my running right now. I am also taking advantage of a healthy body that can work out … Continue reading

a soft place to land.

I wasn’t sure if I would post this, or a fair number of posts waiting in the queue. These posts have been waiting in the wings for awhile, I needed space and privacy. I almost decided against posting any of this, but then I remembered how frustrating it is that there is such a ‘shameful’ … Continue reading

best part of my day. synchronized‎.

best part of my day. synchronized‎.

I guess this is what happens when you run with the same running buddy for seven years. The feet. The hands. Our left thumbs. We are masters of synchronized running. It’s a thing. It’s new. We made it up. And we excel at it. ps – it’s obvious to me (likely no one else) how … Continue reading

42913 / run notes.

Oh geez. I’ve been writing, just not on my blog. I miss my blog. I am going to pay attention to my blog. I also want to note the workouts I’ve been doing. It’s been a roller coaster trying to get my workouts buttoned down this year. My body doesn’t always cooperate, but I think … Continue reading