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run notes. 052614.

Last week wasn’t a stellar running/workout week. Between family being in town, a big project I’m working on at home and my job one of my running days and one of my weights days didn’t make the cut. When my family is in town I pretty much drop everything, I opted for focusing on them … Continue reading

run notes. 051914.

I’m signed up for and feel kinda ready to run my summer half marathon, Hospital Hill. The Kansas summer has begun, which means lots of wind and lots and lots of humidity. It’s gross running weather but I’ve been keeping at it nonetheless, thanks in part to my girlfriends willing to sludge through the summer … Continue reading

run notes / 040714.

Universe, let’s pretend I haven’t had a serious lapse in blogging and just carry on as if no time has passed. I feel like I’m back on my running game, it’s been awhile. I’ve kept up with weights classes like a champ, which I can tell is helping keep my body chub content lower while … Continue reading

091613 / run notes. what just happened?

Oh boy. Well, the good news is that I’m still on marathon training track. I’m just not sure what happened to my running the past week. It’s like my lungs and legs forgot how to run. Ever since that horrid 14 miler it’s like my body is just angry at me. It is PISSED and … Continue reading

what every early morning run looks like.

I don’t do a TON of early morning running. I would say twice a week. Let’s be clear here. I stand firmly in the “mornings are ridiculous” camp. Always have. Sure it’s nice to get my run out of the way for the day. Of course it is. That doesn’t mean I enjoy waking up … Continue reading

090913 / run notes. blerfing.

Well kids, despite feeling like total and utter poo, I got up and ran 14 miles Saturday morning. They were slow and painful, I threw up in my mouth around mile seven. BLERF! I CAN NEVER OVER SHARE HERE, RIGHT?! I whined and complained and nearly cried as I was slugging along behind my running … Continue reading

082613 / run notes. i can almost breathe again.

Almost. Oy.  Just when I got all healed up and was ready to tackle training again, bam. I get hantavirus-smallpox-tuberculosis-sinus infection-bronchitis (last two were official diagnosis from my dr). Uggghhh. The upside is I survived, I’m finally back at work after a week of misery where I basically laid on whatever cold flat surface I … Continue reading

081913 / run notes.

I’ve got nothing. My foot is much, much better. But after some heavy weight lifting on Monday and Tuesday I woke up Wednesday to some good old fashioned lower back pain. That was a first. I was really confused. I have never before in my life had back pain. My legs can be quite useless … Continue reading