Posted in August 2013

round three. deep breath.

Huh. I had completely forgotten about this post. But I just found it. I guess staying busy all summer worked because I just sort of kept moving along and forgot I had ever written this. Felt this. Obviously this was near the start of the summer. Our summer is coming to a close now. While … Continue reading

081913 / run notes.

I’ve got nothing. My foot is much, much better. But after some heavy weight lifting on Monday and Tuesday I woke up Wednesday to some good old fashioned lower back pain. That was a first. I was really confused. I have never before in my life had back pain. My legs can be quite useless … Continue reading

best part of my day. being aunt b.

As I’ve stated I love being an aunt. And I aim to be the best damn aunt on the planet. *hanging out with my big man during sunday family dinner. love that i live in the same town as him!* *more hanging with big man (and my sissy), while he eats HIS dinner* Apparently my … Continue reading

80513 / run notes.

Blerf. The instant I committed to and started really training for a marathon… it happened. The curse of marathon injury. I have a sordid history with stress fractures and marathon injuries. It was ugly there for quite a few years. I had running injuries that were brought on by over training (for my body) and … Continue reading

the wait round two. hopeful broken hearts.

I’m finally just sucking it up and posting this. Just to get it out of my drafts. It’s a tough one. This was months ago, when I wrote it. It has gotten a little easier, but my heart still stings sometimes. ———————————————————————————————————- It’s a time like this that I am happy with my decision to … Continue reading

best part of my day. kai.

Meet Kai. My new nephew. That’s my favorite baby girl right there, giving her brand new baby brother sweet little kisses and singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to him. Yeah. My heart melted too. Pretty sure I’m already in love with little buddy. Being an aunt is my favorite. And since I am struggling to … Continue reading