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IUI no. 3. the wait, day five.

I’m finding that the first week after IUI is really bearable. I don’t feel the effects of the clomid anymore and the HCG shot is definitely not ravaging my body. I actually feel normal! I get twinges and pinches near my ovaries and uterus constantly, pretty much all day long. Thankfully I’ve learned that these … Continue reading

IUI no. 3. happy birthday.

It just so happened that our IUI was scheduled on my birthday. My 35th birthday. I woke up to strawberry pancakes being made for me (my absolute favorite breakfast), coffee and snow on the ground. SNOW! Two years in a row on my birthday. It made me smile, but I kept my hope for the … Continue reading

IUI no. 3. gigantor.

Here we go, on to IUI no. 3. Written in the past, February to be exact. —————————————————————————————— Here we go! IUI cycle no. 3 is well under way. My Clomid dosage has been increased to 100 (two pills a day) and that’s that. Day 10 was my first scan for this IUI cycle and oh … Continue reading

the excitement and curiosity.

Here we go kids, this is the start of the blahhhrrgee posts I started writing at the beginning of my first IUI cycle. Enjoy the hormonal ride, more posts to come! —————————————————————– Yeah I’m doing one of those annoying “I wrote this during what was going on but posting it after the fact” things. But … Continue reading