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best part of my day. no marathon.

Deciding not to run a marathon this weekend. That is oddly the best part of my day. Because I REALLY wanted to run that marathon this weekend. There is a lot floating around in my head these days. Heavy, deep thoughts. The past few weeks I’ve had to face some parts of myself that I’m … Continue reading

updates. runnings, babies and what nots.

Since my blogging has been basically non-existent lately I want to update the world (all four of you who read this) with the goings on-ings. First off, I had mentioned doing a one-chick marathon. Well…. thanks to the fact that I had a pretty great marathon in November I decided to nix my one-chick marathon. … Continue reading

102212 / run notes. one chick marathon.

Here’s the thing. I want to do another marathon before I am cut open by my Reproductive Endocrinologist and start putting my body through some serious stuff. But, I don’t want the hype, the stress, the blahblahblahblahblah that goes along with running a marathon. There are no marathons in my town between now and February … Continue reading