Posted in June 2013

a banner week.

BAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. That’s all I really have right now. I’m buckled down, waiting to leave town for 4th of July vacation. This is much more stressful than you’d think, but I am not getting into that right now. Or ever. It’s my family reunion, which is fun and wonderful and I love, I mean LUUUURRRRVVVVE my … Continue reading

best part of my day. pig dog.

Yeah, I know. I am absolutely one of those dog owners. I am madly in love with my dog. He is adorable, happy, sweet, snugly, polite, smells delicious, is a great runner, a hard worker and smiles all of the time. Basically he is amazing. When I saw him doing this on Saturday morning… well … Continue reading

61013 / run notes.

Finally. I find my motivation to really start running AFTER my half marathon. My synchronized running buddy and I signed up to do a training group for a half marathon in October. I’ve never done an official training group before, we get our running plans emailed to us, there are running clinics we can attend … Continue reading

the wait. day six.

Written on day six after my first IUI procedure (to keep it vague but with reference, it was a few months ago). ————————————————————————- This is an emotional process, people. It’s not easy. Right now the hardest part for me is that I am having pregnancy symptoms but I know it’s just the effects of my … Continue reading

the wait. day three.

Again, a post written in the past, this is still regarding our first round of IUI. I was on day three of my two week wait when I wrote this. While the Edder and I approach our fertility as an adventure and attempt to have as much fun with it as we can, it doesn’t … Continue reading