Posted in March 2013

black and yellow.

As a Wichita State University alum and now instructor I always have a crazy amount of Shocker pride. But right now my Shocker pride is a little brighter yellow than normal. Think blinding yellow! So proud of my school for working hard and making it into the Sweet Sixteen this year! There is something special … Continue reading

best part of my day. yummy babies.

best part of my day. yummy babies.

You know what’s awesome? Being an aunt. You know what’s even more awesome? Being an aunt to a precious new baby boy, and knowing there is another sweet baby boy on his way in a few months. Yes, yes. My sisters are both being blessed with baby boys this year. And it is delicious. My … Continue reading

030413 / run notes. my abdomen might fall off.

I’m using the term ‘run’ very loosely here. I’ve run very little so far this year. Between having two different versions of the flu and then the whole surgery thing… well, running has been a low priority. The good news is it has been among all my running buddies too. Sorry excuses of runners…. OR … Continue reading