Posted in February 2013

best part of my day. snow day!

best part of my day. snow day!

Trying to break up the overwhelming amount of posting I’ve been doing on my uterus here. The Blizzard of Oz 2013 hit us last Wednesday/Thursday. We got a glorious 14″ of snow. I worked most of the day Wednesday but Thursday it was deemed too dangerous for me to drive alone (by the Edder) considering … Continue reading

pills are goooooood.

Since I’ve now graduated from the lortab I am just going to offer a quick update. My self-imposed social media ban is over. But blogging from my iPad is HARD y’all! So this will be quick. First world problems. I am snuggled up on my couch at home, watching Project Runway while drinking a caramel … Continue reading

best part of my day. flowers.

When I got to work this morning these were on my desk, from a very sweet friend and co-worker. So! Catch you on the flipside blagheverse. I am putting a self imposed social media/texting ban on myself until I have all signs of pain medication out of my system. Because if there is one thing … Continue reading

when you lose.

While the world watched and tweeted about the Super Bowl the Edder and I huddled up with Milo in shock and grief. Moments after arriving at a Super Bowl party, ready for fun and festivities, I got that phone call no one EVER wants to get. Someone you care about, someone who has been incredibly … Continue reading