Posted in September 2012

best part of my day. yellow.

best part of my day. yellow.

Running 10 miles on a route full of these happy little guys. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, if not my favorite. So you give me yellow flowers to look at for 10 miles? I will smile the whole time. This was my favorite. Fall is my favorite. It feels so good to feel … Continue reading

9312 / run notes

As mentioned, last week wasn’t one of my best. I did manage a few workouts, most of which were fairly pitiful. I ran three times and went to the gym twice. Not bad. But I put very little effort into those workouts. The only thing worth noting is that I’ve gotten back on the ‘weights’ … Continue reading

running toward the roar.

This is how it goes in nature. When antelopes hear the sound of a lion’s roar their instinct tells them to run in the opposite direction. By doing this, however, it means they run to an almost certain death. The thing is that lions expect their prey to do just that. Run away from their … Continue reading