9312 / run notes

As mentioned, last week wasn’t one of my best. I did manage a few workouts, most of which were fairly pitiful. I ran three times and went to the gym twice. Not bad. But I put very little effort into those workouts. The only thing worth noting is that I’ve gotten back on the ‘weights’ band wagon. I realized that to make myself stick to a weights program I need a class to attend.

Enter: puffy headband, leotards and what I like to call aerobics.

I’ve been making it a point to go to my “aerobics” class twice a week at my gym. I’ve been doing that for three weeks now, next week I plan to add a third class. I definitely feel like the wimpiest person in the classes. I am the queen of T-Rex arms! But hey, that’s just my incentive to work hard.

While I call the classes aerobics, mostly to amuse myself, they are actually really intense classes. I’ve been attending “Body Blitz” and “Tabata.” Next week I’ll add “Body Design.” Honestly I think all the classes are about the same–some cardio mixed with weights/body bars/bands–I simply choose the classes based on times/instructor.

The only difference I notice so far in my body is that my muscles hurt. ALL THE TIME. But I love it. I have noticed my arms are getting a bit more sculpted already. In general though I’m giving myself six weeks to work at it before I expect to see results in my ‘problem’ areas (thighs/hips/abs). I have no idea if that’s even a reasonable time frame or not, I just chose a random number of weeks. Six sounded decent enough. Wish me luck.

p.s. typing this post hurt. i think my puny t-rex arms might fall off by the end of this week.


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