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I’m signed up for and feel kinda ready to run my summer half marathon, Hospital Hill. The Kansas summer has begun, which means lots of wind and lots and lots of humidity. It’s gross running weather but I’ve been keeping at it nonetheless, thanks in part to my girlfriends willing to sludge through the summer … Continue reading

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Finally. I find my motivation to really start running AFTER my half marathon. My synchronized running buddy and I signed up to do a training group for a half marathon in October. I’ve never done an official training group before, we get our running plans emailed to us, there are running clinics we can attend … Continue reading

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So. I am running a half marathon on Saturday. Yeah. That one I signed up for months ago, full of half-hearted ambition and zero drive to train for? Yeah. That one. My girlfriends and I (the running lea and the running sri lankan), who are running the race together got a good chortle this morning… … Continue reading

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Good news, I am feeling excited and confident in my running lately. I had a great week of running last week, maybe it’s the sun, or feeling calmer inside than I have in months, but I am loving my running right now. I am also taking advantage of a healthy body that can work out … Continue reading

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Oh geez. I’ve been writing, just not on my blog. I miss my blog. I am going to pay attention to my blog. I also want to note the workouts I’ve been doing. It’s been a roller coaster trying to get my workouts buttoned down this year. My body doesn’t always cooperate, but I think … Continue reading

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First off I need to give a big fat shout out to the Wichita State Shockers for making the nation ‘Fear the Wheat’. And for showing they are legit, not some fluke team. So proud to be a Shocker, those boys and our coach are pure class when it comes to conducting themselves in the … Continue reading

101512 / run notes

101512 / run notes

Well… I ran the Prairie Fire Half, and while it didn’t turn out a PR for me, the finish time I managed isn’t anything to be ashamed of (for me, anyway). Based on my lack of endurance training runs I knew it would be a battle to push through those last four miles at an … Continue reading