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best part of my day. pig dog.

Yeah, I know. I am absolutely one of those dog owners. I am madly in love with my dog. He is adorable, happy, sweet, snugly, polite, smells delicious, is a great runner, a hard worker and smiles all of the time. Basically he is amazing. When I saw him doing this on Saturday morning… well … Continue reading

best part of my day. snow day!

best part of my day. snow day!

Trying to break up the overwhelming amount of posting I’ve been doing on my uterus here. The Blizzard of Oz 2013 hit us last Wednesday/Thursday. We got a glorious 14″ of snow. I worked most of the day Wednesday but Thursday it was deemed too dangerous for me to drive alone (by the Edder) considering … Continue reading

insight. part one.

Or as I call it: The Shame and Fear from Having a Useless Uterus As mentioned I had a horrendous week in regard to my mental health a few weeks back. One thing that bubbled up during that experience was the fact that while I THOUGHT I had been dealing just fine with my infertility … Continue reading