Posted in November 2013

best part of my day. no marathon.

Deciding not to run a marathon this weekend. That is oddly the best part of my day. Because I REALLY wanted to run that marathon this weekend. There is a lot floating around in my head these days. Heavy, deep thoughts. The past few weeks I’ve had to face some parts of myself that I’m … Continue reading

insight part three: doing it the right way.

I haven’t written any ‘insights’ into infertility lately. I’ve been working on stepping away from infertility and thoughts of trying to have a baby for now. I need a break and some fresh air…. free of trying to have a baby and the focus on my ridiculous uterus. Side note: this is going well, it’s … Continue reading


It was 23 degrees this morning. I cannot express just how much I love this kind of weather. It puts me in a fantastic mood. Also, I’m still out here. Alive and kicking, just trying to be productive with life and work. Success on that front! I am determined to head into the frenzy of … Continue reading