Posted in October 2014

iui no. 4. the wait day 9. insanity.

Per usual, a post written quite awhile ago, during IUI no. 4. Just a peek into the insanity that was me during that time. It makes me laugh yet also makes me cringe remembering how difficult it all was and is. Knowing I’m heading right back into this territory in a few weeks makes me … Continue reading

iui no. 4. queen of breaking catheters!

The post about the actual IUI procedure from the spring. Good stuff. _____________________________________________________________________ Well… oy. IUI no. 4 fell on a Sunday. It also fell in line with the day for IVF transfers and the clinic was really busy and running behind. My nerves were a little raw before we even got in there for … Continue reading

iui no. 4. merle is pissed.

I’m going to go ahead and attempt to finish up posting about IUI. Really just to humor myself . But up next, stories of IVF! So below is another post I wrote during my IUI injectables cycle in the spring. ______________________________________________________________ I went in for another follicle scan to see if my body was ready … Continue reading

all the things.

My poor, sad, abandoned ‘blog’. I don’t even know that I can call it a blog anymore. It’s just kind of this space where I sometimes come and promise to explain all the things and tell the things and say all the things. And then I don’t. I will re-name this space the place of … Continue reading