ivf cycle 1. today’s theme, needles.

Written August 25:

I had an appointment at 9:15 with Dr. Wilcox this morning. Today was another ultrasound and more bloodwork. Sadly, we are down to four follicles because the left ovary just isn’t doing very well (my left ovary is where my cyst is). There are still two follicles over there but they are puny and not likely to produce. I have the four decent ones on the right. Wilcox mentioned Thursday retrieval again and I’m going back in tomorrow morning for more bloodwork and another ultrasound.

After my appointment I met with a nurse who told me to keep up with my four shots, come back in the morning and we will see what Wilcox wants to do. This is the point where I just wanted someone there to hug me. They had me go to get my b/w and I sat down and was texting my family and the tears started welling up. The tears basically didn’t stop for two hours.

Thankfully the lab tech is the same one I had Saturday. He asked me how I was doing and more tears came and I told him I was bummed. He asked why and when I explained he knew exactly what I was talking about. His wife has the same issues. It wasn’t a hug, but it helped. I left the office in tears, made a few phone calls, talked to my sister and decided to go to PIHOP. Where I sat and cried for an hour until I’d gotten some stuff worked out. I managed to pull myself together and got to my acupuncture appointment.

My acupuncture appointment lasted two full hours. It was wonderful. We talked about my stressors, my diet and how all the things effect all the other things. ALL THE THINGS! Then I got stuck with all manner of needles and laid there in exhausted bliss. I finished the day by going to an hour and a half yoga class.

But wait! That’s not all! I got back from yoga and my sister and I did my shots super fast because we needed to do the uber-trendy-everyone-is-doing-it ice bucket challenge. One thing is certain, our ovaries and uterus’ may suck, but we win at doing all the other things. Period. Best ice bucket challenge video  ever. My brother in law actually gets all the credit for it. He filmed and edited it and had us in laughing tears watching the video of our challenge. It was a good way to finish the day! I needed the laugh.

OH. And Edder gets to spend his birthday flying out to LA! I’m picking him up from the airport in the evening and then we are going on a family (sans babies) sushi date with my sister and brother in law. Here’s hoping Edder gets a good birthday present tomorrow in the form of four healthy follicles still growing and easy flights.

Until tomorrow (which hopefully doesn’t involve as many needles)!

IMG_7169*example of my scabbed over injection sites and bruising. my belly is tired of shots*

ps – tonight, fingers crossed, may have been the last night of shots. I hope so. I’m not sure how many more my stomach can take. it’s getting pretty painful.


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