ivf cycle 1. six eggs.

 Written August 23:


After getting in to LAX and spending an hour on the 405 driving to my sister and brother in law’s house I was greeted by my fluffy blonde haired three year old niece who was so excited to see me. Except when she opened the door for me the first thing she said was ‘where your dog’? No surprise Milo rates high even in California. I walked in all smiles and spotted my nephew who had just turned one year old, being his awesome, witty, self (this kid is hilarious, like legit hilarious at one y.o. and he knows it). Seeing these kiddos made my day and made all the IVF thoughts melt into oblivion. It was spectacular.

The family and I hung out and played together, had some dinner and then it was time for shots! My niece was very interested in seeing the shots. She clearly knows what they mean because as I was getting ready to mix  my menopur she said, ‘Han Beka, why you take shots? So you can have a baby?’ Clearly this kid knows her IVF protocols. Also, it was one of the cutest things I’d ever heard. I stopped right there, squatted down and gave her a big hug and said “YES.”

My niece even helped with shots by cleaning my belly with an alcohol swab. Excellent helper. She watched as her mama stuck me with three shots and this is where I have to admit my sister wins at giving shots. I suppose the fact she’s done this 6+ times herself and also does it for a living probably helps. Either way, I barely felt a thing and it was the best night of shots by far. She’s amazing.

Fast forward to earlier today, my sister decided to come to my appointment with me this morning and bring sweet baby boy along so Dr. Wilcox could see one of ‘his’ babies. Everyone mushed over him when we told them he was an HRC Pasadena baby. It’s clear they love seeing the product of their hard work.

After waiting for a good two hours I finally saw Dr. Wilcox (he had a case get complicated). Not a nurse or a tech. Dr. Wilcox himself. On a Saturday. He is incredibly warm, soothing, realistic and I liked him immediately. He has a poker face but is upfront and honest. Basically my ideal doctor.

IMG_7150*waiting for my ultrasound, that’s the ‘magic wand’ as i like to call it, what they use for ultrasounds*

IMG_7151*dr. wilcox with one of his HRC Pasadena babies, my nephew*

 He did my sonogram and found I do in fact have a endometrial cyst. He also found six follicles. It’s not a fantastic response to the meds on my part, but it’s good enough to go forward. And probably a typical response for the issues I have.

I go back Monday morning for another sonogram and more bloodwork. They will tell me where we go from there. Dr. Wilcox did mention possible egg retrieval Thursday.

The good news is that Dr. Wilcox said he saw what he wanted to see and I’m progressing nicely. So here’s hoping all six follicles have high quality, over achieving eggs in them!

I start more meds tonight too. I’ll be up to four shots a night and a few oral meds. Good stuff.


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