ivf cycle 1. here we go.

Written August 22:

I’m leaving for LA in a few hours. I’ve had three nights of my injections so far, last nights injections were much, much, much better. Still not the most fun ever, but we are figuring out how to make them bearable. ICE PACKS. They make all the difference before and after.

Edder has been a fantastic shot giver and I’m a little nervous to leave him today. I’m putting my shots in the hands of my sister from here on out. Which may seem fine and innocent enough considering she’s a Physican’s Assistant, but… well… she’s my sister. And the stronger, tougher sister at that. But, she has been through this six times herself, so I’m trusting it will be okay.

My sister said she has the magic touch and that IVF worked for everyone she’s given shots to during their cycles. She has been my saving grace in this process. Between frantic phone calls and tons of questions she has been helping me through every step. So thankful I have her to lean on during this process. And starting this afternoon I’ll have her in person! She gets to deal with my tears and emotions in person for 10 whole days. LUCKY!

As for now our actual IVF schedule is up in the air. I have a sonogram tomorrow in Pasadena at HRC that will let us know how everything is progressing. I get to meet Dr. Wilcox in person too, which I’m excited about. He will check how many follicles (follicles are the fluid filled sacs eggs are in, inside your ovaries) I have in each ovary and check my hormone levels. That will dictate where we go from there.

As far as we know Edder will be coming to join the SoCal fam next week, maybe Tuesday (his birthday). I hope sooner. Mostly because when he arrives that means I get to stop taking shots in my belly and that it’s go time for egg retrieval. He is flying out mainly for what we call his ‘genetic contribution’ but also for moral support for me. He’s a good man.

I need to finish packing and get on my way. Me and all my eggs (hopefully lots of them) are leaving on a jet plane in a few short hours!


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