ivf cycle 1. it’s official now!

Written August 16:

I’m heading to LA on Friday! And stimming begins tonight. AUGH! I am a bit terrified by the fact we have to mix several of the injections ourselves, but we will get through it.

For now, my one-way ticket has been secured and the rental car reserved. I am ready to blow this popcorn stand for awhile and go work on getting my babies. I’m staying very cautiously optimistic at this point, I still know there are about 100 things that can go wrong… most notably the fact that I just plain produce genetically useless eggs. That is still my major fear. We won’t know until we’ve collected enough embryos to do PGD testing (we are aiming for at least four before we test).

We are so ready though, to get this moving forward and the next chapter started. My next post will likely be from sunny SoCal! SQUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I’m pretty excited to meet my Dr. in person. Word has it he performs all the ultrasounds himself, if that’s the case… well that’s amazing. My sister plans to go to my first ultrasound mostly so Dr. Wilcox can meet one of “his” HRC babies (we are taking my nephew). Of course we are most excited to see how many follicles are in there! I won’t lie, I’m happy my sister will be going with me for support since Edder won’t join me until much later in the process. I’m so excited and ready for this.

Guarding my heart. Packing my bags. Smiling hard.


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