iui no. 4. queen of breaking catheters!

The post about the actual IUI procedure from the spring. Good stuff.


Well… oy. IUI no. 4 fell on a Sunday. It also fell in line with the day for IVF transfers and the clinic was really busy and running behind. My nerves were a little raw before we even got in there for the actual procedure. I think we were the only ones there for IUI that day, I felt a little out of place and a bit like an inconvenience honestly.

We sat and waited quite awhile before finally being called back, longer than we had for any other IUI. The nurse who was doing my procedure had done IUI on me before. Well, attempted IUI. She was one of the nurses who wasn’t able to get the catheter to work and called in another nurse to get it to work for me. I was a little nervous when I saw her and she must have known because she said “we are going to get it to work this time, it’s going to be fine.” Walking down the hall I could hear Ed sigh, I knew what he was thinking. Before the procedure his exact words were “I hope we don’t get _____ for our nurse today.”

No such luck. Please note, she’s a wonderful nurse, but also a newer nurse and I’m a tough case.

Yeah… it wasn’t all fine. I broke two catheters during her four attempts to get things going. She then decided it was time to get the RE. The one who was there that day wasn’t my usual RE who knew all the ins and outs of my situation, it was the one I’d never met. Let’s just say his bedside manner leaves a bit to be desired, but he is a great Doctor. Of course since it was an IVF day we had to wait FOREVER for the RE to make his way over to my inconvenient uterus awaiting IUI.

We just sat and waited. And waited. And waited. All the while Ed’s ‘contribution’ was just sitting there in a syringe on the counter slowly dying away. It was fairly awful and stressful. There were tears that started flowing from my eyes. Finally, after about an hour, the RE came in and attempted to get the catheter in. No luck. So he turned on the sono-machine to take a look at what was going on inside. He got it figured out (tilted uterus) and used a much bigger catheter and finally got things to work.

A lot of pain, hours, tears and stress later the procedure was done. We felt defeated. And because it all went so teribly the RE called in an anti-biotic for me just to be safe. As we drove to pick up my meds we were just silent. You could feel the defeat and sadness in the car. It was so pitiful. At that point we just wanted to be home to lick our wounds. All I wanted to do was hole away from the world. I hurt physically and was already fairly convinced there was no way the IUI would work. It all just went so horribly wrong. I was angry and tired and just plain wanted to pout.

So I did. All. Day. Long.


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