iui no. 4. merle is pissed.

I’m going to go ahead and attempt to finish up posting about IUI. Really just to humor myself . But up next, stories of IVF! So below is another post I wrote during my IUI injectables cycle in the spring.


I went in for another follicle scan to see if my body was ready for IUI.

The nurse saw my cysts were still there.  Nothing  concerning or out of the ordinary for the treatments I’m having or the way my dysfunctional, uncooperative body responds. My sonogram this morning showed a small cyst on my left side that has been there but hasn’t grown since a sono with my RE last week. Then there’s old faithful over on the right side, still there from a few cycles ago, still hanging on.

That cyst is cloudy (follicles look like a hollow black circle, cysts are a grayish circle–on sonograms) and grumpy, hell bent on staying put for awhile. He’s like a comfortable old man, lounging, just hanging out in his ovary. I wonder if he yells at the ‘young’ follicles in there… all “you kids get off my ovary, this is my ovary” shaking his grumpy old man hands at them. I’m sure that’s what’s happening in there. I think I’ll name him Merle.

So Merle is still there. Then there’s the unnamed sorry excuse for a cyst on the left. He’s just a little fella. Hopefully he poses no threat for future cycles. The good thing here is that I have one sassy healthy, perfect follicle, ready to go. The Edder and I both agree it’s the shining star of all my follicles to date. And we’ve seen plenty over the past year. This one is an absolutely beautiful, symmetrical circle… perfection. We were happy.

So IUI is a GO. We had to cancel a camping trip for the weekend because we will be having IUI on Sunday. But that’s just part of the deal now, our lives and schedules revolve around shots, sonograms, appointments and treatments. Oh well, it’s supposed to be chilly all weekend and rain Sunday anyway. Perfect excuse for me to be lazy and watch Netflix/HBO Go guilt-free while Edder works on his race car and brews beer.

Side note: to all infertiles out there, one of the markers of a really good fertility clinic is that they do treatments on Sundays.

Tonight it’s yet another shot, this will make the fourth shot I’ve had in the past six days. Time for old man Merle to get his ovary back to himself for awhile, get rid of that pesky, perfect follicle! Tonight is the Ovidrel HCG, releasing of the follicle, shot.


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