all the things.

My poor, sad, abandoned ‘blog’. I don’t even know that I can call it a blog anymore. It’s just kind of this space where I sometimes come and promise to explain all the things and tell the things and say all the things. And then I don’t. I will re-name this space the place of empty promises.


Meh. I’ve been consumed with life. Period. There has been a lot going no, not even vague-blogging. It’s just been life in general. I have a social life, I workout, I work, I have a gigantic side project I spend many, many hours a week on and I’m going through intense fertility treatments.

And there it is. That last one. The one of which I haven’t spoken.

So let me just break the silence, and while I will attempt to publish old posts regarding previous treatments I don’t know when I will, I am going through IVF. The big guns. The mother of all fertility treatments. And honestly…. you guys (anyone who may be out there?)… it’s been kind of amazing and surreal in a very good way. So different than I thought. Yes there have been some low and really tough days, but over all… so much different than I thought.

There has also been one really spectacular thing too (and no, i’m not currently pregnant… i promise you that–we are doing IVF in a different kind of way than most) and I know there will be more spectacular to come really soon. Like, later this month soon.

My hope and thought is that I’ll finish publishing my IUI stories and move on to my IVF stories. Because yes, there are many and there is so much to tell. I want to document this for the future. I just clearly suck at finding the time… and honestly the emotional fortitude… to post about it.

So there you go. My body is one big pin cushion going through a giant science experiment…. and it’s kind of awesome. And I realize that all along THIS has been what’s waiting for me. I just needed to get here, my own slow way. But I got here. And this is it, where I was meant to always come. This path, this set of adventures and this story, it’s been waiting and I finally caught up! And I’m happy. And excited. And loving it. And honestly slightly terrified of it. Crazy, huh?

Until next time! Whenever that may be.


2 thoughts on “all the things.

  1. I confess I haven’t checked your blog in ages, but I’ve been thinking about you and wondering where you were at in the process. I’m excited to see that you’re doing IVF. For me, it was so much more of an encouraging process than IUI had been. Hoping for wonderful results for you!

  2. Good luck with IVF! I am eager to read your story. Last month we had our sixth failed IUI, and we’re moving on to IVF next spring. Looking back, I keep thinking we should have went for IVF right away. And I agree with you – I am excited and terrified at the same time. (But mostly excited!) IVF definitely seems more encouraging than IUI.

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