iui no. 4. injectables.

I started my injectables cycle ready to go and to make this happen. So far it has been going tremendously. Injectables are when you turn everything up a notch, we are turning it up to an eleven over here, people.

IUI meds*my RX haul!*

It hasn’t been nearly as terrible as I assumed it would be. The shots aren’t making me feel like a crazy person, the worst side effects seems to be some nausea and exhaustion. Those I can handle, being a crazy person who wants to destroy everything in her path? Not so much.

That said, my nurses and RE are easing me into injectables. Based on the cyst I have on my right side they are taking it easy on me. For now. I’m on a protocol of Femara and only 150MU of GonalF, the Gonal is given every other day and is a total of three shots. My progesterone will begin after my IUI treatment.

That’s that. Kind of boring and uneventful really. I was hoping I would have all manner of crazy to write about with this. But I don’t! Edder has become such a pro at giving shots that I can barely feel them anymore. I haven’t tipped any cars over in an uncontrollable ragey pregasorous-rex fit of rage.

Kind of lame.

Oooooo, but I forgot. There is another side effect aside from what I mentioned. My tummy! Although I haven’t gotten the bruising that some women have (yet, anyway) Bloating. That’s been the worst of it for me. Because I’m vain. I hate being bloated, it drives me nuts.

Here’s my bloated up, injection filled, hormone belly. It’s a bag of chuckles, after my shots I just lay in bed. I usually fall asleep. Due to said constant state of exhaustion. I’m now usually out by 9:30p every evening.

This was after my last GonalF shot. Edder gave me my shot under my belly button. I’ve expressed my fear and hatred for belly buttons, right? Yeah… that went well. Where the patch of gauze is? That’s where he put the shot in. I cringe just thinking about it. BLERF!!

IUI meds 2

So I guess there has been a bit of drama. I screeeched like a piglet when Edder gave me the ‘below the belly button’ shot. Then pouted over how bloated I felt.

DRAMA. BLOATING. BELLY BUTTONS. All to be continued.


4 thoughts on “iui no. 4. injectables.

  1. You certainly will feel like a pincushion, and that’s not easy to deal with mentally. We had to do GonalF with the IVF routine. it’s not pretty. And since my wife had to be on blood thinners, it was 3 shots a day from 6 weeks before the implant, then 2 shots a day during the pregnancy (or until we knew IVF had failed), to 6 weeks after giving birth. My poor wife was a total pincushion. it gets old.

  2. It was on my injectable cycle that daphne was conceived! With that said, I’m excited for you… despite all the headaches injections bring. Good luck friend, thinking of you!

  3. Hi there! I have followed your blog for a few years. Regarding the bloating, I totally feel your pain. My husband and I are currently doing medicated IUIs, and “hormone bellies” are awful. Yoga pants are my new best friend. Sending positive thoughts your way 🙂

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