IUI no. 3. the wait, day seven. royally pissed uterus.

I keep forgetting to write my little disclaimer, that this was written a few months ago! I like some time before I post my business.

Nine days into the HCG shot coursing through my veins and I think I may be finally have a few side effects. For example. Crying. At my desk. At work. Alone. For absolutely no reason. I’ve definitely not been the basket case I was the first time I had the shot, but I can tell it’s having a small effect. It seems to be different every time. This time it just makes me want to cry. For no reason. Almost all the time. Sometimes there are reasons and those reasons are usually ridiculous and very minor.

I am also breaking out. It’s awful. I cried when I saw a new blemish this morning. Then I cried because I felt overwhelmed at work. Then I cried when I realized I forgot my workout shoes and couldn’t go workout. Then I ate some cheese and bread. And I cried.


That’s all I’ve got. It’s been an uneventful cycle. I’m feeling a lot of cramping today, so I think it’s been on my mind more. I’m fairly certain all the things in my lower abs just get royally pissed off during the IUI procedure and stay that way. My body (and soul) are sensitive. Period. I think I just react strongly to… everything.

So my ovaries and uterus seem to get pissed the day of IUI and stay that way until about cycle day 26 or so. The good news is that at least I know it’s just my body hissing and screaming and throwing a big old sh!t fit over what’s been done to it. I’m not left wondering and obsessing if it’s an egg implanting into my uterus. Into ‘my lush lining.’

Let me just share for a second. I hate the term ‘lush lining’. It creeps me right out. Let’s all stop using it. Seriously. Other infertiles out there, do you know what I mean with the ‘lush lining’ thing? Or is it just me. I find it a very off-putting term for some reason. It makes me cringe and shudder. I might punch the next person who says it to me. And by ‘might’ I mean I TOTALLY WILL.


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