run notes. 052614.

Last week wasn’t a stellar running/workout week. Between family being in town, a big project I’m working on at home and my job one of my running days and one of my weights days didn’t make the cut. When my family is in town I pretty much drop everything, I opted for focusing on them instead of getting shiz done. Which left me behind in everything last week. Which meant I got shiz done instead of working out.

Oh, well. It was a decent enough week anyway. I still got in some workouts. I’ll take fluffy haired babies and giving in to my niece asking to come over to play at ‘auunnbetttaaaaa’ house to ‘see the catty’s’ at the last minute over a run any day!

However, on Saturday I did do a 10k with my sister and our girlfriends. We were all running a bit late and were too scrambled to get a pre-race photo. But there was a big group of us that met up before the start! All in all it was a decent race, it was soupy and sludgy, but we were running at a relaxed and easy pace so it didn’t bother us. It was a good race! I hadn’t done it in years! We managed to get a few post-race pics of a few of us, not the whole group, but meh.

Oh the exciting thing about Saturday’s race! I set my alarm for 5:30a and apparently (i don’t remember this, edder does) I rolled over and turned it off. I then woke up on my own at 6:30a and saw what time it was and FREAKED. OUT. Because 6:30a was the time I was supposed to meet the girls. Whoooppppppsssiiie. Edder woke up, probably because I wasn’t being exactly quiet about rushing around, and offered to drive me to the race to help save time. I downed searing hot coffee while simultaneously shoving my feet into my shoes and brushing my teeth (yeah, that’s talent huh?) and Edder texted the girls that I was running late. I got to the race with 10 minutes to spare. I don’t even know how I managed it, probably because I didn’t have to park.

It made me happy I was only running a 10k and not a half. Good grief, immmamess.

photo 4

photo 5

052614 Workouts:
– Nothing!
Tuesday – Body Blitzing Super Aerobics
Wednesday – Three Easy Miles
Thursday – Three Easy Miles
Friday – Ummmm, crickets…..
Saturday – River Run 10K
Sunday – Again, nothing


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