IUI no. 3. happy birthday.

It just so happened that our IUI was scheduled on my birthday. My 35th birthday. I woke up to strawberry pancakes being made for me (my absolute favorite breakfast), coffee and snow on the ground. SNOW! Two years in a row on my birthday. It made me smile, but I kept my hope for the day in check. This is something I’m learning, handling the emotions of infertility. It’s tough, but I have my ways of coping, which I will share later.

At 11:30a we went in for the procedure, to have ‘medical sex’ as we like to call it in our house. Yeah. We are grownups. Right. The song ‘birthday sex’ just kept going through my head while we were waiting for the nurse. Awesome. Our kid is gonna LOVE us.

My hope was that Ed’s contribution would be better this time around, I was gunning for 10 million swimmers. Like I’ve said all along this is just one big experiment and process. We are getting it figured out, how to optimize our chances. We are thankfully getting there.

Edders had the best contribution to date. I was pretty excited, the count was 14 million with 72% motility. For us, this is great! 14 million in infertility-land isn’t a great number, but it’s much, much better than our last two IUI’s which were 5 million and 6 million/20% motility respectively. We were thrilled. I’m fairly certain we high-fived each other and the nurse. Yerp. It happened.

The procedure went better than the first two as well. I had, yet again, a different nurse and she was wonderful. She did a fantastic job and the procedure went really quickly. I didn’t even cramp up, I think my body must just be getting used to the whole IUI procedure, thankfully.

Since this was our third IUI we decided to start asking ‘what next’ since the standard is three IUI’s then move to IVF. Thankfully my clinic isn’t cut and dry, black and white. Seeing how we have struggled with Edder’s side of things, our nurse suggested we give IUI a few more shots before moving on. It was a comforting chat and we felt like she really cared. Opposed to the last IUI procedure where we were left in tears feeling hopeless about it all.

Overall we are encouraged, even if this cycle doesn’t work, we are getting it figured out. After the procedure and chatting with the nurse we felt at ease. My clinic has me stay laying down for about 10 minutes post IUI. After the nurse left Edder told me in a bossy voice that I needed to “lay there and think about what you’ve just done, young lady. You and your medical sex.” So I did. While we sat there laughing about just…. everything.

Since my workplace is amazing and lets me take sick days for IUI I had the whole day off. Please note, not for my birthday, lame. It was for IUI since in total for us it’s about a three hour process. After IUI we had lunch and I went home and took a long and glorious nap. Basically I spent my day sleeping and eating and having medical sex. Not a bad way to spend turning 35.

Later in the evening we went to dinner at the only legitimate Italian place in our area and my family met us there. It was a good day. To say I didn’t have a tiny melt down at one point would be a lie. But I have a lot of hormones running through my body and I was feeling emotional. So there were some tears, but not many.

We gorged ourselves on handmade Gnocchi for dinner with the fam and I soaked in all the snuggles I got from my almost one-year-old nephew. It was a pretty perfect day. Here’s hoping I get the best imaginable birthday present a girl could ask for…


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