run notes. 051914.

I’m signed up for and feel kinda ready to run my summer half marathon, Hospital Hill. The Kansas summer has begun, which means lots of wind and lots and lots of humidity. It’s gross running weather but I’ve been keeping at it nonetheless, thanks in part to my girlfriends willing to sludge through the summer miles with me. I seem to go in phases and spurts with running, right now I don’t mind the longer runs. So I’m embracing it while  I can!

Other than the fact that I’ve somewhat trained for my upcoming half marathon, it’s business as usual on the workout front. Weights, running, tabata and sometimes yoga is the name of the game. Not exciting.

Oh, wait! I’m running a 10k for the first time in about a year! It’s this Saturday. The Wichita River Run, I haven’t done it in ages. So there’s also that. Brilliant.

051914 Workouts:
– Muscle Pump
Tuesday – 10 Miles
Wednesday – Nothin’
Thursday – Body Blitz
Friday – Hung out with my niece all day. Playing with and carrying a 3 year old around totally counts as some kind of workout, right?
Saturday – 4 Miles
Sunday – 12 Soupy Disgusting Miles (seriously, it was like running through soup)


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