IUI no. 3. gigantor.

Here we go, on to IUI no. 3. Written in the past, February to be exact.


Here we go! IUI cycle no. 3 is well under way. My Clomid dosage has been increased to 100 (two pills a day) and that’s that.

Day 10 was my first scan for this IUI cycle and oh boy! I thought last month held a fat and sassy follicle (read: the fluid filled sac inside the ovary that contains the smaller than a speck of dust egg), I was so proud of my ovary for producing a 20mm guy. This month though, my overachieving tendencies apparently sent a memo to my ovaries.

Those same tendencies may have also pointed out to said ovaries that they are turning 35 and need to go ahead and cooperate. They listened. I have two follicles this time, last time it was just the big sassy one. This time I have a nice fat and sassy on my right side measuring in at 22mm. Wait for it. On my left, 40mm. Yeah. That’s right. I’ve got a two inch follicle on the right side.

Needless to say there was panic racing through my mind when my right ovary popped up on the sonogram screen. I don’t know how to feel about the fact that I can read my own sonograms now… it’s a double edged sword. Especially when I spotted gigantor hulk over on the right side. I think I actually gasped and the nurse uttered the words, wow.

My thought was “that’s a cyst.” I’m fairly certain that was her thought too as she quickly finished the scan and rushed out to check last months sonogram. My heart was sinking thinking all bets were going to be off for this month. Edder just sat there with me in silence. He asked me if I was freaking out and I said no. But I kind of was.

Thankfully my nurse was back within a few minutes with our Ovidrel shot and IUI schedule. HOLY CRAP ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Regardless of gigantor and what it REALLY is, I have a healthy fat and sassy on the left side and that’s fantastic news! I’ve pretty much been in a blissful state of hope all morning.

I need to pull out of that though. I’ve learned to have some hope, but to stay realistic. To do so I go back and look at stats of IUI success. It helps me stay grounded and focused. I’m letting myself feel giddy for now but tomorrow it will be time to cinch it all up, put my head down and charge ahead.


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