run notes / 040714.

Universe, let’s pretend I haven’t had a serious lapse in blogging and just carry on as if no time has passed.

I feel like I’m back on my running game, it’s been awhile. I’ve kept up with weights classes like a champ, which I can tell is helping keep my body chub content lower while I’m on a crazy amount of fertility related meds. Thankfully I’ve been losing weight and gaining muscle the past few months. It’s honestly a huge relief after last years bout of being a chumba wumba.

I just plain need this right now, the ability to work out as much as I want with my RE’s (my fertility dr.) blessing. For now anyway. I was very clear with him about the amount and types of workouts I do. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t hurting my chances. I really love my RE, he patted my knee and looked me in the eye and said, “nothing you do will change the outcome, keep doing what you’re doing.” And so I will. I wanted to hug him, I’m fairly certain he saw tears in my eyes for about the fourth time during that same appointment.

Relief. Having some manner of control over my body is a big deal to me right now. I think it’s something every single infertile out there can relate to. It’s empowering to be able to control at least one aspect of my body.

I may even run a half marathon this summer! Honestly racing just has zero appeal to me lately, my girlfriends and I run together and we are just out trainin’ for life. We just have no desire to train for or run in races. At all. We are going to make shirts for ourselves for our little group runs. Shirts that simply say, “Training For Life.” They will be amazing.

Anyway, I may or may not run a half marathon this summer, we will see. For now my girlfriends and I just run the miles to run them. I am loving running more than I ever have. Oddly enough, or not odd at all, my casual running pace seems to get faster and faster the more and more I give exactly two sh!ts about racing. I think that’s what the kids call irony at it’s finest. For a girl who used to be hell bent on getting faster and faster at running, anyway. Funny.

040714 Workouts:
Monday – Muscle Pump
Tuesday – 4 Mile Morning Run/Tabata
Wednesday – I am fairly certain I did nothing but instead ate an entire bag of salt and vinegar chips
Thursday – 5 Miles (straight into 24 mph wind, it was the most exhausting run I’ve had in ages, but also one of the most gratifying. SUCK IT WIND!)/Body Blitz
Friday – 3 Mile Morning Run
Saturday – I slept. A lot. And hung out with friends. A lot. I also ate an entire jar of pickles, among other things.
Sunday – 6 Mile Run


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