since then.

Since I last posted I have successfully not run a marathon, had Thanksgiving with so many family members I can’t even keep track of them all anymore (but i love it), run a race with said family members, had extended family Christmas and surprise birthday parties, started back into regular weights and tabata workouts, basically quit running, planned my next round of IUI, went to a John Mayer concert, watched a jumbo-mega-fat-plane lift off from a teensy tiny airport across the street from my office, made the most delicious poutine ever on the planet, learned to shoot a gun, successfully not gotten knocked up, watched way too many episodes of Top Gear (BBC) and slept.

My life is exciting.

It’s also been hectic and I’ve been preoccupied. Nothing exciting is happening between now and next year so I probably won’t post a lot. Plus I will be out of the country for a good portion of that time. But when I get back… oh kids… hold on to your scooters!

Hopefully I’ll have all manner of tales of excellent adventures to share in January. Then later in January so many feels from the insane amount of synthetic hormones running through my body. It will be a non-stop writing party up in huuuurrrrrrrr. Beware. Faux-Pregasauras-Rex is looming.

Until then, I’ll leave you with some pictures of my life lately. Mostly involving my niece and nephews. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned on my blog or on social media before how in love I am with my niece and nephews…… blink…. blink blink blink….. blink.


So I will restate it. I have the most awesome niece and nephews on the planet, I want to eat them up. They are scrumptious.

Oh, don’t worry. I’ll remind you about how much I love them again tomorrow.

 edandkai*first up for the week of thanksgiving was meeting our new nephew, kai. he is tiny and funny and has the best sneaky smile on the planet. my sister was in town for the entire week. we had a lot of days of getting to hang out with the little man, i have zero pictures of early in the week. except this! hanging with his uncle edder. little man likes to sleep. also. THE MOUTH.*

readingwithuncleed*next up was thanksgiving eve, when my sister entrusted us with three year old aves. uncle edder is reading to her from the iPad. who needs kids books when you can teach a three year old about the inner workings of a sports car*

meandkay*not only were we entrusted with aves on thanksgiving eve, my cousin sent her nine year old to stay with us too. so that next morning after our big sleepover, we had a nice thanksgiving morning 5k to run, and kayleigh was ready and willing to let me torture her through three miles of running. we rewarded her with pre-race donuts. lots of donuts. please note i let her stay up until 11p reading. model caretaker, right here.*

avesdonny*aves of course also got to join in on the donut eating. she would be racing (in her BOB) too. we win at taking care of kids. obviously*

aves*then later, after donuts, i won even more at taking care of kids by plopping my three year old niece on the couch to watch what is apparently the worst children’s cartoon ever (based on spastic editing, bad for their brains), sponge bob square pants. while i got ready for the race. but come on…. THE HAIR!* 

famrun*thanksgiving day race with my sisters and cousins! success! the rest of the day just involved eating and playing and sleeping.*

chevy*a few days after thanksgiving we had a 50’s themed surprise party for one of my uncles. it was epic. it involved this handmade 57 (i think?) chevy as a photo booth. i will protect the innocent, but marylin monroe and elvis did make an appearance. it was classic. and awkward. which sums up my family.*

johnnym*we capped off a full week of thanksgiving activities and family with the john mayer concert*

flightfail*then a gigantic dreamlifter landed at the wrong airport. it made national news. the tiny airport that it landed at happens to be across the street from my office. we all gawked. so did the rest of wichita. thankfully we had the advantage of our rooftop. some of my co-workers and i climbed up to our roof and enjoyed the show. while freezing. the special team of pilots flown in to get this baby in the air were successful. fat plane at a little airport.*

shooting*next up, i learned to shoot a gun. it was my mothers birthday present. my mom learned to shoot too. not even joking. and it was really fun. i learned to shoot four different guns. i can’t remember which was my favorite, but i do know i’m not a fan of revolvers. i also know that i kept thinking of the walking dead every time i shot. and my arms got tired.*

\NRA*PROOF! i asked if this was my official, authentic, i’m important and can shoot a gun NRA membership card. our instructors tried to tell me it wasn’t. i don’t believe them. i laminated this sucker. i wear it as a lanyard all day, every day. official. this girl!*

snugglebuddy*to finish off anything of interest that has happened in the past few weeks, i spent the day on sunday helping my sister out by watching my nephew. i love this kid. i got to wake him up for the day, i picked him up and he snuggled his head into my shoulder. then my heart melted. we had so many good snuggles and so much fun. this boy likes a snuggle, and i love it! and the pacifier in the mouth, all the time, kills me. this kid is legit.*

unnamed*he does down dog. without any prompting whatsoever. he just does it. randomly. when he feels like it. do you see now why i love this guy? can’t handle him. also the puppy paw hands.*

So that’s that. My past few weeks in photo review. Incredible, no? You’re welcome. I’ll pop in again soon. Probably.


4 thoughts on “since then.

  1. Those kids are frickin adorable! I can see why you love them so much. Guns are so much fun. I’m a big gun girl myself. I’m glad to see that you’ve had a nice time lately. I hope your holiday season continues to be wonderful.

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