100713 / run notes. half marathon and battle wounds.

It’s been a week and a half but I sure did run the Prairie Fire marathon. My girlfriends and I went into the race to run it casually and for fun. And we did! It was perfect weather, we had a great time and we finished around two hours. Fair enough, seeing how we had all manner of battle wounds between the three of us, I think we did really well.

photo*before the prairie fire half marathon*

Speaking of. We started the race together, my girlfriends and I. But about three miles in two of us had to make a pit-stop, off course, at a Quik Trip. It was awesome. But seeing how our other running buddy had a painful swollen knee she didn’t want to stop in fear of not starting again. We agreed to catch up to her. We left our off course pit stop and jetted back out and settled into a comfortable 8:40 pace hoping our buddy was shuffling along so we could find her.

By mile four, when we passed my house and stopped for Milo kisses and hello’s to the ‘watch party’ people in our yard, we were told our other buddy had passed and was doing well. We kept trucking along, waving and talking to my neighbors who were out watching the race as well (reason no. 428 i heart my neighborhood). We kept our faster-than-training-pace-but-comfortable trot. We had another pit stop. Yeah, that’s how we roll in races. We just stop all the time. Finally by mile 10 I had spotted our buddy ahead of us. So I dragged my friend into a discomfortable pace and we caught up.

This is where it gets funny, to me anyway. We ran with our pal for awhile. The only reason we caught up to her was because she had resorted to a run/walk due to pain. So we stopped and walked with her for awhile. We started to run again and she couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t help but laugh when she was all “you guys go ahead, i’ll be fine.” And we were all “are you sure? WE AREN’T LEAVING YOU!!” Like we were soldiers in the middle of battle or something. LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND! But we did. We are bad soldiers. Who make ourselves laugh.

We finished the race and so did our buddy. We headed back to my house and ate all manner of delicious cinny rolls I’d made the day before and sucked down lots of coffee. Then an hour or so later I got a call from my good friend who was running Chicago. Yes, she was in the middle of her marathon and she called me! We ran the Chicago marathon together in 2010. She was struggling and at mile 18. I offered her all I could over the phone and she finished in a fantastic time. Get this, she had a baby less than a year ago! I was so proud of her! It was a good day.

Moving on. The day after Prairie Fire my left leg was SO pissed off at me. My ankle has taken an ugly turn and has morphed into all out lower left leg pain. Mostly in my left shin. Don’t worry, my ankle is still a hot mess. It’s not a run of the mill run-through-the-pain shin splint issue either. I’ve moved up on  the healing spectrum at my Chiropractor and am going in for daily cold laser treatments. Hoping to ward off any stress fractures.

Which leads me to my next point, no St. Louis Marathon for this girl. It would be a terrible idea that would end up in worse injury. So I pouted for a few seconds then realized that racing is exactly 1% of my life and I am moving on. Honestly I felt like I was letting my bosses down at work more than anything (since this was the marathon my regional VP offered me entry to). I’m more bummed I don’t get to work from the St. Louis office and meet my counterparts up there and have a fun weekend away than the marathon itself!

In the end I should have sucked it up months ago and gotten help for my pain. But I didn’t. I thought I could deal with it. Oh well. I am quite hopeful I’ll still run the Tulsa marathon. We’ve got some time. Not a lot. But a little, to see if it can happen.

So that’s that. Some battle wounds that I’m working on. Maybe a November marathon, maybe not. For now I’m enjoying daily yoga classes. I forgot how good yoga makes me feel. It’s been on the back burner since spring with all the running. Yoga is a cozy warm hug for me, I forgot that fact. And I love myself some hugs.


2 thoughts on “100713 / run notes. half marathon and battle wounds.

  1. nice work at Prairie Fire! Sorry to hear the leg is acting up! Stupid lower leg pain! but smart call on the marathon! Hopefully things will be resolved by Tulsa!

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