092713 / run notes. at least i have that going for me.

Oh man. So I broke down and went to a highly recommended chiropractor team. It’s a Chiropractor that includes an an appointment with the deep tissue/ART massage therapist at the clinic. They work on Olympic athletes and tons of runners, I decided to give them a shot. And you know what? They are pretty magical.

Seeing how I’ve been feeling like my old body has been failing me at everything lately I figured it couldn’t hurt. I’ve felt a bit beat down, like my body just won’t work. It can’t keep a baby inside it, it can’t just run without aches and pains or something going wrong, it can’t find time to be bothered with yoga lately. Sigh. So I thought why not? A Chiro was worth a shot and I’d never tried one before. Or had ‘ART’ done before. I’d been faithful to my physical therapist for years.

While I’m pretty bruised up from the ART treatments, I am feeling better and my ankle/foot issue seems to be coming under control. My body was out of whack, I had ribs out, my hips were way out (which i already knew), my ankle bone was totally jacked out of place. After three visits I’m feeling so much better. I know people think Chiro’s are quacks, I don’t care what people think. Right now, this is working for me. My upper back hasn’t felt this amazing for about a year. I think my surgery just threw my whole body out of sync. I’m getting back to where I used to be… I think. I feel better. That’s what matters.

My point to all of this, the highlight of my Chiro/ART visits have been that apparently I have the most perfect S.I. joints my massage therapist/Chiro have ever seen. My body finally did something right! The S.I. joins are where those little dots/dimples on your lower back are (i think some people have the dimples? and some don’t? but i have the lower back dimples). Apparently they are perfect ‘angry asian squinty dimples’. According to the ART therapist anyway. I don’t know why it made me so happy… having perfect S.I. dimples. But it did. It made me feel like something on my body did something right. Finally.

It’s shallow and small. I know. But I’ll take what I can get right now. I may be infertile, I may get beat down by running longer distances…. but dammit I have perfect S.I. joints. SUCK IT, BODY.

That’s it. I needed to tout the one thing my body has done right. Let us all rejoice.

Moving on, I am running the Prairie Fire Half Marathon this Sunday. One of my running buddies and I will keep running after the race, we plan to run back to my house to get a full 18 miles in (my house is actually on the prairie fire race course). This will be my longest run pre-marathon. The marathon that’s in three weeks. I may not have a billion miles under my belt but I honestly feel ready for it. Especially considering that this October marathon is basically a training run for my next marathon in November. It’s all good. I’m kinda excited about it all right now.

I was fairly careful with my running last week seeing how my body was being tortured by ART, healing up and getting back in its groove.

Week Nine of STL Training:
Monday – I put my puffy, sparkly, mauve braided headband and leotard back on and hit up muscle pump. Ow.
Tuesday – Another weights class, getting back to it after a little break. Again, ow.
Wednesday – 4 Mile Run
Thursday – 6 Mile Run
Friday – I had lunch and dinner dates that won over workouts.
Saturday – 10 Mile Run and it was the best me and my running buddies had in ages, about time.
Sunday – No workouts but was super productive. Gold stars for me.



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