090913 / run notes. blerfing.

Well kids, despite feeling like total and utter poo, I got up and ran 14 miles Saturday morning. They were slow and painful, I threw up in my mouth around mile seven. BLERF! I CAN NEVER OVER SHARE HERE, RIGHT?! I whined and complained and nearly cried as I was slugging along behind my running buddies. But I did it.

My buddies didn’t even leave me, they had quite a bit of pity! No worries, I got quite the scolding after the fact. When I texted them I had finished my full 14 and felt awful (they are training for half marathons so had shorter runs) they laid into me. I may have gotten a very loving, I TOLD YOU SO, YOU ARE RIDICULOUS from said running buddies.

It takes a village to keep me in check. It must be exhausting. Even then I rarely listen. I DO WHAT I WANT.

Here’s the thing. Apparently when one has food poisoning they can’t just go around the rest of the week eating whatever they want all nimbly-bimbly. You’d think I would have remembered that from January when I had food poisoning. I KNOW!!! I don’t know why it keeps happening, but I can tell you I’m being beyond cautious with what I eat for quite awhile.

The point here is this when you’ve had a blerftastic week: don’t go to a fancy Art Festival the night before a long run and a few days after being sick, then  indulge in all manner of fancy food and drink, then wake up at 5a the next morning to run 14 miles. Blerf.

I had a busy day on Saturday to boot. A baby shower (typically an infertiles nightmare, we’d usually rather have our fingernails plucked off, but it was for my bffl so it was all good) and a BBQ for the Edder’s firm. In between the 14 miler and other said events I slept. Literally. I barely squished a shower in there, I kid you not. Edder had to keep waking me up. It was pitiful. And I was a grumpy gus.

The worst was that usually a 14 mile run = free reign to eat what I want. I thought I could go to the BBQ and eat massive amounts while enjoying some beer. No, no. I could barely manage a plain cheese sandwich. I had such a weak food showing for a long run day. Lame. My incentive was basically to make sure I stopped feeling like crap. So there was that. I’ve been on the applesauce ever since.

But today, after loads of sleep yesterday, I feel like I’m back on track for training. I even ate a banana! That said I’m very much keeping a wary eye on my training. I’m taking it one week at a time. But if i can run 14 miles when I absolutely should have been in bed still recovering from being sick? I can hopefully slug through a few marathons this fall.

Week Six of STL Marathon Training:
– Four miles
Tuesday – Six miles of kinda speedwork, I did 3×1 mile repeats at a kind of faster pace but didn’t push it
Wednesday – I was busy blerfing up hot pickles, sorry to disappoint, no training
– I was giving my food poisoning the side eye, no time to workout
Friday – Four miles bright and early with my running pals, I gave myself so many gold stars for that
Saturday – 14 very long, very slow, very exhausting, very uncomfortable for my stomach miles
Sunday – I slept and was on the applesauce



2 thoughts on “090913 / run notes. blerfing.

    • if only i hadn’t agreed to a marathon next month. oh and the whole trying to forget infertility thing… i would have plopped myself back in bed for the day. alas… marathon and infertility = stupid running decisions.

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