090213 / run notes. no more bubonic plague.

I think I may just be back to full-on training. I ran a total of 10 miles last week. I KNOW. That marathon won’t know what hit it here in seven weeks…. right. So far this week running is going well too.

The good news is I ran. I didn’t run a lot, but I ran. And I managed to run without hacking out a lung, so that’s even better. I’ll take it. My runs involved a lot of walking, but I am being overly cautious. Not just with coming back from having the bubonic plague, but with my foot as well.

That’s that. 10 miles last week (a three miler and seven miler) and I’m hoping this weekend will finally hold those 14 miles I’ve been trying to get in for awhile now. We shall see. Now if the ridiculous heat would just go away, I’d be set. Apparently Wichita didn’t get the memo that it’s September. Rude.

I have mentioned, maybe once or twice, that I am not a fan of heat, humidity or summer. Maybe once? Or a hundred times before? Yeah, summer can suck it. I am ready for sunny 40 degree days, sweaters and riding boots!

Week Five of STL Marathon Training:
Monday – Still recovering from bubonic-plague
Tuesday – Still recovering from hanta-virus
Wednesday – Still recovering from tuberculosis
Thursday – Most signs of said diseases and sinus infection/bronchitis gone, tried not to lose voice while teaching
Friday – THREE MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday – Seven miles with my running buddies, it was good stuff
Sunday – Being cautious (and lazy)


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