082613 / run notes. i can almost breathe again.


Oy.  Just when I got all healed up and was ready to tackle training again, bam. I get hantavirus-smallpox-tuberculosis-sinus infection-bronchitis (last two were official diagnosis from my dr). Uggghhh. The upside is I survived, I’m finally back at work after a week of misery where I basically laid on whatever cold flat surface I could find (i was burning up) in my house while in a foggy haze trying not to throw up on myself (it started to become a game, i won when i made it to the bathroom) and not die. Yummy.

Who loves the fact that I over share on this blog? Yeah. Me too!!! SAMESIES!!!

My body didn’t get that memo while taking a z-pack. You know. The one to GET BETTER. I still sound like I’m drowning in my own mucus today… trust me when I say that’s an improvement. Maybe tomorrow I’ll sound like I’m just wading. Maybe two weeks from now I will manage to run again.

After a few days of feeling sorry for myself over all this shiz going wrong with my body, I shed some tears, thought it out and decided to be the stubborn a** i tend to be. I am still running that free marathon in October. Saying I’ll be running it is using the term loosely. There will likely be walking. A lot of it. But I don’t care.

That’s that. Stupid hantavirus.

Week Four of STL Marathon Training:
Monday – Coughing and sinus misery
Tuesday – Sleeping
Wednesday – Dr. Visit
Thursday – Trying not to die
Friday – Trying not to die
Saturday – Sleeping and misery
Sunday – Sleeping

Take that for a training week. BOOM! Bring it.



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