081913 / run notes.

I’ve got nothing.

My foot is much, much better. But after some heavy weight lifting on Monday and Tuesday I woke up Wednesday to some good old fashioned lower back pain. That was a first. I was really confused. I have never before in my life had back pain. My legs can be quite useless sometimes, my arms and calves are total twigs, but my entire back has always been my muscle-y workhorse.

I am getting old. And I think I threw something out of alignment Tuesday when foam rolling that night. Something popped, which felt amazing at the time. But on Wednesday morning it was a bit agonizing.

The good news is that both my back and foot feel 100% again. Whew. Apparently the magic of a weekend at the lake with friends did the trick.

Let the training begin. Again. Because I have a marathon to run in eight weeks… do you see that? That side-eye I’m giving myself?




2 thoughts on “081913 / run notes.

  1. tell me about it. my log showed I worked out for a whole 4 hours last week. Not cool for ironman training, that was supposed to be 17 hours. My foot is getting better too, so we’ll be back to logging huge mileage weeks before you know it!

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