best part of my day. being aunt b.

As I’ve stated I love being an aunt. And I aim to be the best damn aunt on the planet.

bak*hanging out with my big man during sunday family dinner. love that i live in the same town as him!*

IMG_4202*more hanging with big man (and my sissy), while he eats HIS dinner*

Apparently my goal to be the best aunt ever is paying off. I got a message from my sister (who lives in LA) the other day regarding a conversation she had with my favorite baby girl, Aves. Seen below snuggling with her new baby brother Kai.

asdf*baby girl holding her baby brother, she’s so sweet and gentle with him*

The following little conversation happened while Ave’s was taking a bath and talking to her GiGi on her pretend phone.

My sister (explaining our family): GiGi is MY mommy, Nana is Daddy’s Mommy and I am YOUR Mommy.
Aves: NO! Aunt B my Mommy.

She also named her favorite doll after me.


My devious plan is coming together. Step one in being the best aunt ever: convince two-year-old niece to name dolls after me. CHECK! Next up, bribery.



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