80513 / run notes.


The instant I committed to and started really training for a marathon… it happened. The curse of marathon injury.

I have a sordid history with stress fractures and marathon injuries. It was ugly there for quite a few years. I had running injuries that were brought on by over training (for my body) and good old fashioned stupidity (this is where my determination and stubbornness can work against me). My right foot has been giving me issues for about a week now. I had a pretty rough 12 mile run two weekends ago where my foot was hurting… and after that point it was all kind of downhill.

Instead of pushing through until I wound up on crutches and in physical therapy, I decided to chill out. Mostly so I can run through my favorite season of the year, which is fall! I’m just going to rest up and stop running for awhile. Last week saw me doing muscle pump classes, yoga and the elliptical. Despite still working out, my legs are going nuts. They are itchy and antsy and at night it’s nearly impossible to fall asleep. My legs are screaming at me to go and run!

I refuse to listen to my legs. They are LIARS!

Instead I’m waiting until all twinges of ache are gone in my right foot. Lame, I know. Instead of powering through and getting another stress fracture I’m resting my foot. I still plan to run a marathon… I think I just needed the reminder about how my body trains best for endurance races. And maybe not take my infertility issues out on my training…. do you hear that? That sound of crickets in response to that statement? Me too. Because it’s true…   …….chirp……..chirp…..chirp….

For whatever reason my body on race day does best when I haven’t put a dozen 18 – 20 milers on it. The fact is I wasn’t built for endurance and need to be reminded of it when I train for marathons. My foot is reminding me right now. Do I like this fact? Absolutely not. It makes me feel weak and wimpy that I can’t tolerate endless miles every week. But body likes, and races better with, less mileage. What can I do?

The upside is that I am not a fan of long runs anyway. I never have been. I think they are incredibly boring. And take too much of my time on the weekends. I have too many other things to get done and socializing (aside from just my running buddies) to do. So there is that. My body doesn’t like a ton of long runs, neither does my mind or schedule. It’s a win, win in the end. Even if it is frustrating at times.

Moving on, marathon training will look a LOT like half marathon training. Again. Moderate distances (4-10 milers during the week) with speedwork, long weekend runs of 12-16 milers and a few 18 milers thrown in later on. On marathon day my body will know what to do. This training style worked out fine at my last marathon. I’m trusting it will again. It will all work out. I’m not concerned. I’m not trying to go and snag some gigantic PR right now. I don’t think I ever will in the full marathon distance, simply because it’s not where my strengths lie. Maybe someday I’ll have the time and drive to do it. But right now I just don’t. I’m doing these next few marathons for fun. And to see if maybe I can eeeek out a marathon in under 4:22 (my current PR).

Mostly right now I’m irritated that my legs won’t calm down and stay still. Apparently they aren’t a fan of this rest. They want some speedwork in the worst way. More incentive to rest this foot up… so I can get back to regular track nights and tempo runs. Seriously, track night and speedwork are my absolute favorite things about running.


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