run notes. i guess i’ll just run a marathon then.

People. When a regional vice president of your gigantic media company walks into your office during her market visit and personally offers you a free marathon entry into the St. Louis Rock and Roll marathon? You take it. With a smile. A smile that hides that “OH SH!T” feeling going on inside.

So. I guess I’m running a marathon. On my company’s dime. Hard to beat, people. Also, I’m scared.

And there you go. I’m running the St. Louis marathon in October. You may be wondering why I would train for a marathon when I’m trying to have a baby? The answer to that is longer than I care to write at this moment. Just know that for right now we are taking a tinsy break from the business of making a baby and choosing to enjoy our life where it is; taking a romp through Europe over the winter holidays, restoring  a vintage race car and for me, running marathons. Yes, plural with the marathoning. I mean…. If I am resting my body from the baby making, and I’m running a marathon in October anyway, I figured why not tack a November marathon on as well.

So there you go. I am in OH SH!T mode trying to build a good strong base and manage unexpected marathon training amongst a busy schedule of working, teaching more classes at the University than I have in years, training to PR in a half marathon (before said marathons) and living life. Plus, the laundry and dishes at my house don’t do themselves.

I have purposefully kept marathon training at bay, along with a busy schedule, while trying to deal with baby making. But now… with a much needed break from that? I guess I’m ready to get after it all again, just for awhile. Things will slow down again soon, I like a slow paced life. I’m boring. For now, wish me luck.

Last thing? I’ve been training for reals the past few weeks. One thing is certain, this “actually training for races” business is kicking my butt. A running buddy pointed out that perhaps my extreme fatigue and summer cold this week are due to over-training. Which I balked at. Then I stopped and thought about it. Seeing how my mileage isn’t that high, I didn’t think I could possibly be tired from over-training. But compared to how I’ve “trained” for races the past few years? I’m pretty sure he was spot on.

It’s a little disheartening that I got over-trained last week with my 25 miles of running (plus some weight and HIIT training). Sigh. This is going to be tough. But I’m all in. I finally feel ready to really train again. I have a good schedule going and long runs have been bearable lately, which is a first. I have no visions of grandeur about these fall marathons. They will be whatever they will be. I hope I get a PR but if not I’ll just consider it an excellent way to stay in shape and distract myself from the obvious and glaring fact that my uterus hates me and refuses to cooperate.

Training Week 7: 071513 (the first time in ages i’ve stuck perfectly to a training schedule, gold star for me)
Monday – Muscle Pump
Tuesday – 4 Easy Miles
Wednesday – 4 Easy Miles
Thursday – 5 Miles with 3 at moderate pace (8:15)
Friday – Tabata Class/2 Easy Miles
Saturday – 10 Miles with last two miles at moderate pace (8:15)


6 thoughts on “run notes. i guess i’ll just run a marathon then.

  1. Have fun with it! Great way to get into shape, and good for you. Why not run a marathon on someone else’s dime, that’s the best kind of marathon there is. Good luck!

    • indeed, especially with the company i work with. i was stunned! and yes, i’m ready for some good times and a break from this baby business. it’s more exhausting than training for a marathon. sheesh.

  2. Good luck! And just FYI-2 of my three pregnancies occurred while training. Even if that doesn’t happen, I think the training can really help get you to your peak of healthiness for when you’re ready to try again. So have fun!

    • okay, i’m going to hope all of your good vibes come my way. that i will spontaneously conceive naturally while training for a marathon! let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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