the natural cycle. hit me with your best shot.

I took a big break from posting about fertility stuff, in the coming days you will understand why. It’s been a roller coaster. I needed to step away and focus on other things for awhile. So here are the goods from a few months ago.


Too much? With the subject line? I’m sorry but that song comes to mind whenever I think about infertility. I mean… HOW CAN IT NOT??!

Through all this trying to have a human stuff there are months when we will (and need) to take breaks from any ART’s (assisted reproductive technologies). We’ve decided the way to do our IUI cycles is take every other month off. Obviously we had one IUI so far, which means the next cycle would be natural. In fact, as I am writing this, I am in the middle of my two week wait for this first post-surgery natural cycle (it’s been a breeze compared to the last cycle).

Even though we are going the natural route for this second cycle I still had a mid-cycle ultrasound to check my lil’ follicles. With their lil’ eggs in their lil’ ovaries. I was going to do Clomid but thanks to my uncooperative body, that didn’t happen. I won’t get into details, just know things weren’t normal. So no clomid and instead an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay in there.

The purpose of my ultrasound was to make sure I didn’t have any cysts and that my ovaries didn’t explode or anything. This ultrasound went so much better than the last. I was ready and relaxed… and didn’t rip the Edder’s hand off of his arm. All definite pluses.

To our surprise and to the shock of the nurse, instead of finding a problem she found three fat and sassy follicles waiting to pop and a nice healthy uterine lining. ON A NATURAL CYCLE. Three BIG ONES! In fact, 18mm/15mm right; 17mm left. Bigger than any of them were on my medicated cycle; my ovaries are such good little overachievers. I’m so proud. Apparently the clomid is still working its magic a month after the fact. Fine by me (other than the annoying weight gain that won’t go away… sigh). The nurse was all…. ‘you are about to ovulate, my friend’ and we were all… huh? Not only was it just day 11 of my cycle, we were expecting problems, not baby eggies!

So we left the clinic with relief and smiles and with instruction on when to “intercourse”…. again with this word and with the having of the nurse tell you to your face when to get all giggity… so awkward. We did our homework for the week. You can figure out what that homework was. And that’s, that. Homework done, two week wait in progress.


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